Dog Mountain
A Tribute to the Dog Mountain Band

Dog Mountain Band music is a unique mix of old-time and modern music that hails from high-up in the gorgeous mountains of Colorado. In a neighborhood where the local dogs are just as likely to drop by for a visit, a beer, and some good pickin' as their owners are.

A Dog Mountain Band show is a treat - you'll enjoy some old-time jug band music, a nice mix of blues, a touch of jazz, a sprinkle of bluegrass with some folk spice on top, and of course a nice treat of greasy acoustic rock.

Dog Mountain Band calls it "Home-Skooled Vintage Crab Grass," and you can actually dance to it!

DOG MOUNTAIN BAND's most recent lineup:

Dan Fink - banjo, dobro, washtub bass, kazoo, vocals
Jason Culotta - percussion, washboard, kazoo, vocals

Don Diemer - guitar, kazoo, vocals

No Shows Currently Scheduled

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