Dog Mountain
A Tribute to the Dog Mountain Band

Dog Mountain Band music is a unique mix of old-time and modern music that hails from high-up in the gorgeous mountains of Colorado. In a neighborhood where the local dogs are just as likely to drop by for a visit, a beer, and some good pickin' as their owners are.

A Dog Mountain Band show is a treat - you'll enjoy some old-time jug band music, a nice mix of blues, a touch of jazz, a sprinkle of bluegrass with some folk spice on top, and of course a nice treat of greasy acoustic rock.

Dog Mountain Band calls it "Home-Skooled Vintage Crab Grass," and you can actually dance to it!

DOG MOUNTAIN BAND's most recent lineup:

Dan Fink - banjo, dobro, washtub bass, kazoo, vocals
Jason Culotta - percussion, washboard, kazoo, vocals

Don Diemer - guitar, kazoo, vocals

Whether they're playing in Peoria or in Pacific northwest, the righteous sounds of the Dog Mountain Band entertained a wide range of music listeners. Unlike most musicians that rely on cutting-edge technology, computers, synthesizers, and various other electronic devices, Dog Mountain Band remained loyal to the most basic instruments. These creative musicians were versatile in many different string, percussion, and wind instruments, and each member of the band had unique talents in each.

Although the health of the band has diminished and retired, the legacy of the Dog Mountain Band continues to reign in many areas throughout America. The unique mix of rock, bluegrass, folk, and country makes this Colorado-based group a musical splendor that will never be forgotten.

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